How do I handle repairs if I have a problem with my rental unit?

In the unlikely event a service call is required, please contact our 24/7 emergency service number: 519-754-7716

Are the rental units only for temporary refrigerated storage?

The rental units are generally rented for temporary needs. However, if you require a rental unit(s) for an extended period of time please contact C&E Fridge on Wheels directly to discuss further options.

What are my options for operating temperatures?

There are no options for operating temperatures. All the rental units are factory preset to control safe food and beverage temperatures outlined under the Public Health Agency of Canada standards.

IMPORTANT: C&E Fridge on Wheels reserves the right to charge the client the cost of rectifying damage, caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless act to the rental units. Clients found to have tampered with the rental unit equipment, including temperature gauges, will be charged with any costs incurred by C&E Fridge on Wheels due to their actions.

Are the units more suitable for outdoor?

Yes. The fiberglass exteriors are waterproof, seamless, do not absorb the heat of the sun, will not rust or dent and are attractive.

Who sets the unit in place once it arrives to my location?

All deliveries include the service of setting the unit in place and are handled by a C&E Fridge on Wheels employee or one of our contracted freight carriers.

​Can I use an extension cord with a trailer unit?

Yes. The extension cord must be no longer than 25 feet, and it must be 12 gauge or thicker.

​What type of electrical connection do I need for the rental units?

The C&E Fridge on Wheels rental units require: 20amp/120volt.

​Does Burford Polar Express connect the rental unit to my electrical service upon delivery?

No. In accordance with local laws, C&E Fridge on Wheels does not provide electrical services and recommends the use of a licensed electrician to bring power to the rental unit should you require help.

Is the unit ready to operate when it arrives?

Yes. Simply supply power to the unit from a 20amp/120volt circuit and it is ready to run. No refrigeration work is required on-site.

Can your units be powered by a generator?

Yes. The rental units are appropriate for use with a generator; however it is critical to first communicate with a C&E Fridge on Wheels expert prior to this type of use.​​


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